09/2016 - News of aesthetics methods - Consumer reviews about cosmetic treatments and procedures

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The Guinea Pig club – Second World War club For Burns Victims

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Archibald McIndoe was appointed as consultant plastic surgeon to the Royal Air Force. McIndoe was a brilliant plastic surgeon, and he pioneered many advances in surgical techniques, but he realised that apart from treating the physical consequences of severe burns it was essential to deal with the psychological effects on men who, severely disfigured by their injuries, would have to spend long periods in hospital.

Botox, what age?

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What long-term effects from injections of BOTOX? Start at a young age is preventing wrinkles or irreparable damage to the skin?

Modern trends in aesthetic medicine

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So what is trend today at the plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures?

Why do foreigners go for treatment in Russia

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The world's first plastic surgery

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The first known operation of the world to change the shape of the
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